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We are a technological university
created with our students in mind.

We are an institution of higher education that arises as a response to promote and strengthen the foreseeable trends of the future, where the university community is trained and works on world scientific and technological advances that help strengthen business cooperation and education, training highly specialized professionals .





Train people through the development of knowledge and technical skills to enhance their growth and thus contribute to the progress of the entire southeast region of the country.

- Whose students have a guarantee that their skills will be supported by a document thataccredits it.

- That it has the necessary structure and organization to promote and promote innovation,research and entrepreneurship.

- Financially healthy.

- That it is positioned as the best option among the technological universities of the southeast.

- Innovation. - Extend the frontiers of knowledge to solve real-world problems.


- Spirit of service and teamwork. - Integrate individual skills to achieve shared objectives in mutual trust, through an attitude that generates value towards others.


- Transparency. - Guarantee access to public information.


- I respect. - Act civically, considering the rights and needs of others, recognizing the fair value of people, things and the environment.


- Honesty. - Ensure the credibility of the expressions and actions carried out

LOGO 1 UTM.png

To know the map of the Metropolitan Technological University


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Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

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