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Mobility for UTM students
For UTM Students

Learn about our mobility and internationalization programs and the scholarships you can access.

PROFEAR program for scholarships for graduate studies in France or Canada. Among others, such as scholarships from the Pacific Alliance, Mobility to Quebec, ELAP, among others that are subject to the dates and requirements of each call.

TSU stay / LIC-ING stay. Students

Professional internships in local companies according to the area of ​​study. (4 months)

It is aimed at students who start the four-month period of stay according to the academic area of ​​the participants, university technicians or bachelor's degrees.

Linguistic stay / Language courses. Students, Teachers, Administrative
Study and / or improve the level of the English or French language.

Intensive courses, short or long duration. The courses are divided into Beginners (A1-A2), Intermediate (B1-B2) and Advanced (C1-C2) levels, allowing us to have groups with a maximum of 10 participants.

Academic stay. Students

Study four months or more in one of the careers offered by our partner institutions at a national or international level (TSU / Bachelor / Engineering). The duration and total number of class hours is adjustable to the needs of the requesting Institution.

Research stay. Students, Teachers, Administrative

Collaborative projects in research stays in conjunction with our academic bodies. Research work in conjunction with students and professors from our partner institutions at a national or international level.


Visit us for more information at the UTM Language Coordination .

You can also write to us.

Telephone: (999) 40 61 05 Ext. 1504


Telephone: (999) 940 61 05

Coordination of Foreign Languages ​​(Ext. 1501)

Certifications and Language Courses (Ext. 1500)

Mobility and Internationalization (Ext. 1503 and 1504)



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